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DataSmiths (Tampa, Florida) is a specialty software and consulting firm, with a primary focus on the advanced use of Microsoft Excel as a tool of choice in business analysis, presentation and process automation endeavors.

Microsoft recently estimated the average Microsoft Office worker (and there are 450 million of us world-wide) spends 4 hours a day (20 hours a week!) using Microsoft Office - it is our aim to make this time as productive as possible. If you are an average Office user spending most of that time in Excel, we could make the case that the 75% reduction in unnecessary key-strokes and mouse-clicks provided by our flagship product (an alternative User Interface for Microsoft Excel - see inset below) could save you 15 hours a week (75% x 20 hours a week).  That might be a bit of an exaggeration ... we obviously do much more in Excel than just use its tools to create analyses (we also have to think about what we are creating). Nevertheless, this product puts the tools you'll use most just a single-click away, and for newer users, it puts Excel's advanced functionality front and center where you're more likely to be aware of it, learn about it and use it (and freeing up all that time to produce better analyses, quicker).

About our flagship product

A message from the author of DataSmiths Evolution :

My mission is to put our DataSmiths Evolution application on the "desktop" of every serious Microsoft Excel® user (and those that want to be). I have been using Microsoft Excel in a Windows environment for over 16 years, and while it is a great product, one thing I have found I dislike intensely is unnecessary key-strokes and mouse-clicks, and particularly so with functions I use frequently. As a result, I have always built my own "tool kits" to help me access frequently-used functions with a single-click (and have always had colleagues asking me to do the same for them). The DataSmiths Evolution application has grown from those "seeds of discontent" into a commercial-quality application that empowers Excel users with: 1) an alternative User Interface* that increases user productivity by some 75% over the default Microsoft interface by making maximum use of the available Toolbar space and populating it with the single-click tools you'll come to use most (these tools access a collection of 70 additional, extremely useful, commonly-used and/or custom, macro-driven** functions); 2) the ability to control certain 'nagging' behaviors in the Excel application (like toolbars unexpectedly showing up when you don't want them); 3) a host of additional features (like a “Multiple Sheet Protection” tool, customizable “Hidden Data Alerts”, and integrated “Personal Toolbars”) that are explained in detail in our User Guide; and 4) a dynamic "Adaptive Learning" tool that monitors which functions you have used rarely (or not at all), thus allowing you to focus only on them (while optionally providing expanded descriptions of their functionality) - this combination of user-specific documentation tools as well as a Toolbar "Organization Chart" enables users to quickly come up to speed with their new User Interface. This application is both cross-version (compatible with PC versions of Excel 2000 through Excel 2003) and upgradeable to higher-version functionality within those versions (further upgrades to include later Excel Versions may be available as Microsoft releases them – please check back for announcements after any new Microsoft Excel Version release). It is deployed with an “environmentally-aware” load procedure that determines both the user’s: a) Screen Resolution setting (higher resolutions allow more single-click tools); and b) Excel Version, and automatically installs the optimal toolbar suite (and associated documentation) specific to that environment. And it does all this while taking no more space than the same 3 rows Microsoft uses in its default Toolbars, so you have maximum space available for your documents. We consider these methods to be evolutionary in their respect for the user's perspective - by integrating a smart Excel user interface that recognizes the hardware and application version-specific resources of individual users, we are able to deliver a consistent user experience that optimizes your use of the Excel host application. As BASF Corporation® has memorably advertised with the products they make, we feel we can say: we didn't make Microsoft Excel ... but we made Microsoft Excel better.

* = While DataSmiths Evolution effectively replaces the default Excel user interface, the default interface still co-exists within this product and is instantly accessible if needed for occasional access by other third-party products.

= We don't just say this - we prove it with a built-in “Return on Investment Tracker” that reports how many unnecessary key-strokes and mouse-clicks individual users save using this product along with the corresponding % increase in their productivity over what it would take to accomplish the same functions using the default Microsoft interface). Note: 75% is the approximate savings (and 70 is the number of additional functions) when deployed with a 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution (this is the most popular Screen Resolution setting, used by more than half of all users; users with higher Screen Resolutions will likely have the best results as their greater screen width allows for more single-click tools). And if that's not enough, we have also: a) embedded up to an additional 15 "bonus functions" accessible in conjunction with the Shift Key and certain of the Toolbar buttons; b) included up to 57 functions available from our custom Right-Click menus; c) provided an optional, custom "Full Screen" Toolbar that can help you maximize vertical screen space while still preserving access to most of the Tools you'll need; d) provided a host of other features like "Multiple Sheet Protection" tools, custom Print Templates that allow you to define up to 28 Print Settings just once and use them every time you print; and e) a Worksheet Comparison tool that allows you to easily examine differences between any two worksheets.

** = To ensure that no viruses can be introduced into users’ systems from our products, all our macro code is Digitally Signed and authenticated by thawte® (a "Trusted Certification Authority" and subsidiary of VeriSign®, Inc.)

We provide custom Excel Toolbar Add-In Applications that can greatly increase Excel productivity, enhanced Excel environments that are either standardized across an entire company and/or customized for individuals or workgroups; In-House Advanced Training in Excel; Custom Excel Projects; and Financial and Operational Consulting.

All training, technical services and Custom Excel Projects are provided by Microsoft-certified Experts in Excel. Financial & Operational Consulting engagements are provided by a Microsoft-certified Expert in Excel with 20 years experience as a licensed CPA in Florida and over 15 years of Controller/Chief Financial Officer experience.


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